<aside> 💡 If you feel like you don’t match these criteria exactly, please reach out to us anyways [email protected] . We believe that character is just as important as your skills.


🧬 About Delta Biosciences

Delta biosciences is an interdisciplinary deep-tech startup on a mission to accelerate drug discovery: a 12-year-on-average process, requiring $2.6B to push one drug through the clinic with a 0.02% success rate. Our next-gen high-throughput screening technology enables a rapid identification of potential small-molecule drug candidates. Our approach can transform the economics of early stage pharmaceutical R&D and expedite the delivery of strategically relevant therapeutics, such as rare diseases, emerging viruses and cardiomyopathies.

🔍 Who Are We Looking For

We are seeking an Applied Scientist to be a part of our screening team to facilitate assay development and its translation to the microfluidic workflow. This role entails playing a leading role in the development and validation of our proprietary drug screening platform. As such, this role requires close-knit integration with Chemistry and Computational teams.

🏀 Responsibilities

📝 Requirements